More than doodles now

Welcome to Free Association.  The store I’ve been thinking about for 2 full decades (don’t worry about doing that math).   I knew at 16 that if I was ever going to have something to wear I would have to open my own store and find the best clothes from the best vendors.  At 17 my roommate and I were convinced that we would pack everything we own in to her giant super old Cadillac, drive to San Francisco, land on our feet with a place to live and money to design a clothing store.  We had pages of drawings for clothes she would design and I would produce.  In retrospect the only part of that plan which worked was that we could fit everything we had in to that Caddy*.

At 36 I realized that I still hated shopping, but loved looking stylish.  And that all my friends were having the same experience. The act of buying clothes made us exhausted and sad. We could shop all day and to find little which fit us and even less that we liked.  Online shopping was a crap shoot and I don’t like to gamble.  The big box stores were too expensive or just not my style.   We needed a better way.

In the meantime store names, logos and clothes have been doodled in the margins of every journal I’ve ever owned.  I even saved a web address and email for one store name.

Basically it was time to put up or shut up**.    Choose a name (the hardest part), choose a space, and get some clothes (2nd hardest part), make shopping feel like raiding your friend's closet.  It wasn’t easy, and it might be crazy, but I’m super proud and hopeful.  This is an idea from a long time ago but I love watching it get created and defined. 

I appreciate all the evenings and weekends given by my mom, Pat; Becca's mom, Linda; Kiera, Lori; Connie; Dennis; Kathy; Steve; Lauren; Shelly; Grace; Abby; Susan; Jill; Taz; Alex.  You are amazing.


So welcome to my life and my store.  I hope Free Association provides the retail therapy you needed.


*OMG why did we not name this CaddyShack!

**Hmmm….also a good shop name?